Riding a longboard from place to place is some people’s preferred mode of travel, because it’s so relaxing in many ways – being out in the fresh air, seeing the sights as you glide along, and connecting with the surfaces of your environment, to name a few. In pondering this, designer So-Hee-Woo thought that there could be one more way to elevate this method of transport: by adding music. Thus, she created the Muze longboard with speaker system.

Your new Muze

Your new Muze

While we have seen the integration of speakers with boards, such as the Chargeboard that was previously featured on this blog, we have not seen a skateboard speaker system such as this. Not only does Muze connect with local radio stations to play music while you board, but it also changes the speaker volume depending on your speed. Perhaps its most interesting feature, though, is the fact that it also automatically changes radio stations depending on the surface on which you ride!

Listen while you ride!

Listen while you ride!

When riding on asphalt, for instance, you will be listening to a rock station. When on the sidewalk, a top hits station. This enables the rider to fully experience their environment without even having to take the time to manually change stations or volume level. Many skateboarders must resort to external sound systems such as portable Bluetooth speakers for skateboards or wireless headphones for helmets. Muze allows you to focus on the joy of the ride and the wonderful experience of the world around you without any distractions.

Ride & play

Enjoy your ride!


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