Having a hard time falling asleep? Having a hard time waking up? Yeah… me too. Thankfully for us, Doppel can give us a healthy solution to that. Usually when trying to wake up, i will drink an entire pot of coffee by myself, and still feel the same. Even if it does wake me up, i of course, like the rest of us, go through that terrible 2 O’clock feeling once the caffeine wears off. Going to sleep seems just as hard. Taking things such as Zzzquil or Melatonin  doesn’t always help, and gets very old very fast. Now with this wearable “heartbeat”, things should become a little easier for us all to get the proper rest and awakening we need. This watch looking device applies a small “heart beat” the the inside part of our wrists to create a powerful and effective way to wake up or wind down. This device make no annoying sounds, and does not monitor your actually heart beat. What it does is uses the deep-seated human response to rhythm similar to music to help jump-start your day or chill you out after a long day at work. Did i mention how good looking it is?

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