Quick Click Weights

The original idea for the Quick Click weights came from the designer’s wife noticing that in her weight training classes, other women were struggling with the old-school way of changing weights with clamps and springs which interrupted the flow of the workout. This redesign maximizes the effectiveness of the workout, making it possible to quickly(…)

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Top-Toner Arm Workout

Women tend to have different problem areas that men when it comes to weight gain. This cool invention was aimed to help tone up our problem areas with ease. The Top-Toner is basically an upper body workout that allows you to tone your arms, neck, chin, shoulders, and bust line! I have a personal trainer and he tells me(…)

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Osim Exercise Toy

To be honest when I first looked at this product design I really just thought it was stupid. Definitely a product design for a lazy person. But when looked at more in depth you will realize that this is sort of a cool invention. I would maybe recommend this for use with obese children that have no(…)

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No more worries for having to hunt for a place to have your lunch at the park, after parking your vehicle. Just hook your bicycle into the Pit In, a groundbreaking parking space meant for bikes. The Pit In concept is simply awe-inspiring which lets the user park the bike and use bicycle seat to(…)

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Resistance Band/Weight

The ReCoil Workout System is an innovative design that combines current fitness products into better a fitness tool without additional cost. It combines a dumbbell and a resistance band to offer various weight and length adjustment with mobility. The resistance band is coiled up inside each color coated pod. Each color represents the level of(…)

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Arceas exercise with nature

This is a very cool invention! The downside of exercise becoming a predominately indoor activity is that it has caused us to lose a certain amount of contact with nature. Arceas brings fitness and nature together in this artistic object that at first appears to be little more than an upright planter, but take a(…)

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Jopple Fit Chair

In the modern world, the average working person sits almost 10 hours per day! It seems a bit unnatural doesn’t it? It’s no wonder that the latest trend in furniture is seating that aims to work your body while you’re at work. I absolutely love this cool invention, and I wish I could own one as well!(…)

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Wrist mp3 player

What a crazy cool invention! With fast increase in elegant phone tech and too various companies developed tablets the use of MP3 players as well as moveable media players has been abridged to a considerable level. But still there are a few companies rolling out concept designs that may be hits the wits of the consumers(…)

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  1. robert anderson: iwould like to buy one of these if ne1 could tell me were to get one,or when they are out…

  2. mohit shukla: full details with price

  3. Jenny: I really want one of these for my daily workout routine. Please let me know if they are ever on…

  4. Jayaprakash: Please inform me when launched

  5. selcuk can: ehere can i buy this beutiful design mp3 player i will be very happy if anybody van answer me :D

    • mlemon: Im sorry to say, it doesn't appear to be on the market yet. However keep checking in and searching the…

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Touch Screen Watch with Facebook?

With all the hype of smart phones nowadays this would really be an incredible product design to attract our smart phone obsessed people out there! The designer says that this is the watch of the future should look like, touch screen watch with some basic capabilities of a computer. I think this is such a(…)

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  1. Lamar Branche: Your comment is awaiting moderation. How much for the watch? 6108004353

  2. Castilho Dcosta: Hi, How much is the watch for and how much would it cost to ship it Slovenia (Europe). ThanX. Hoping…

Smart Mirror

Would you like to wake up in the morning, brushing your teeth while checking the news, temperature, traffic, stock quotes, or even personal health information from your mirror? Who wouldn’t? Thanks to Cybertecture Mirror, it’s now possible to do so. It’s not just a concept guys, it’s available for the price around $7700. This futuristic(…)

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  1. Chad: hey there and thanks in your information ? I've definitely picked up anything new from right here. I did alternatively…

  2. Kosten: Normally I do not read post on blogs, but I would like to say that this write-up very pressured me…


The Hub is a device that will fill the gap in the market for portable equipment that uses innovative technology to provide variable high resistance to the lower leg muscles, specifically the calves and tibialis anterior. The company claims that this is the first muscle shaping equipment in the market that can be used anywhere(…)

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Personalized Workout

Almost all of our workouts are based on approximation. For example a 125-lb person burns approx. 360 calories per hour if they do a vigorous dumbbell workout session. To remove the veil of doubt and talk about hard facts and figures, we have here the C-Ring Dumbbells. The weights sync with your smartphone or PC(…)

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Shower & Gym in One!

Before they hit the showers, many people like to pump a bit of iron, even if it’s just to stay in shape. Building on this idea, designers can create the idea to integrate exercise with taking a shower. Many people in California would like the idea of this Bana Bender mix because of its time(…)

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