Garbage Collector Unit

Wouldn’t it be great if we could find a way to make our garbage less disgusting. Well, that will probably never happen, but designers are coming up with things to make trash collecting less awful. This is Garbage Collector Unit and it is built from carbon fiber and molded polypropylene making trash collecting definitely easier. It also has these really(…)

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Air Conditioner Doodling!

This is a pretty interesting product design. I am sure that everyone remembers the small window unit air conditioners that everyone used to have in their homes. Well of course those are really outdated and most of us have large air conditioning units that cover the whole house. However, I never said that window units don’t exist anymore. In(…)

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MBOLIC Gyro Vehicle

This is like a two in one deal. I think its a really cool invention! MBOLIC has been designed to target the young a single crowd in China, where more than 60% of the population lives in small cities. Its very much like large cities in America. You don’t want a diesel SUV to drive around town,(…)

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N1 Kitchen System

N1 Kitchen System is intended for the outdoors but can be fitted into a compact home. The whole unit just shuts-shop and fits into a storage container for easy transportation. The kitchen features the three basic elements; the sink and prep area, the storage unit and the stove system. This is keeping it really simple(…)

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New Measuring Cup Concept: The Angle

The Angle is a handy measuring jug based on the property of liquids taking shape of their containers. So instead of keeping the jug on a flat surface and filling contents till eye-level, you can easily pour out the required measure. Basically the design features diagonal lines that indicate quantities during pouring. Cool and innovative(…)

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Digital Xbox Prestige

The 100% digital Xbox Prestige uses the foundations of the previous 360 Kinect to form this completely controller-less gaming console that’s even smaller than the Xbox Slim. A combination of motion sensor technology, including not one but two cameras built into the console, and integrated voice recognition make it a super responsive and hands-free gaming(…)

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