thomasville furniture

Typo Furniture Collection

In case you were totally unaware of what those things were that you sit on and set drinks on in your living room were, this cool invention can help you to narrow that down. All jokes aside, the Typo Furniture Collection is a table and chair set that literally says the word ‘table’ and ‘chair’(…)

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SpaceFrame Furniture Collection

The Spaceframe furniture series is based on the natural form of a vertebrate- a central “backbone” element defines the overall shape of the chair and branches out into a set of “ribs” that form the seat. Composed of CNC machine-cut plywood, the components are planar until combined, without screws or adhesive, into the final 3D(…)

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Modular Furniture

This modular furniture design is made of modular bent laminated wood to furnish an interior space. Users can design various configurations using these modules, such as a table, sofa, side table, or even a bookshelf. Very smart design, if you take a look at a module of these furniture units, who would have thought you(…)

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Nuvist Furniture!

Nüvist is an architecture and design studio in Istanbul, Turkey that has worked with all ranges and methodologies of art. Founded by Kursad Sekercioglu and Emrah Cetinkaya, this company has released beautiful a series of furniture design which features fluid and continuous form. Very cool invention. Awesome product design, So modern and futuristic, I love(…)

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Dual Cut Furniture

Dual Cut furniture looks like just a rectangular foam block at first, well it actually consists of two 2 L-shaped blocks combined into one. It’s a transformable furniture piece that utilizes simple production process true to the materials in use with minimal waste. Due to its ergonomic design, these 2 L-shaped blocks can also be(…)

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Invader Furniture

This is a really cool invention! Invader Furniture series by Maria Bruun has been designed to offer maximum flexibility for the user. This storage furniture features modular design for high flexibility which answer the need for both hidden and open storage, for added convenience, this furniture set is completed with wheels for easy moving. The(…)

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Super soft furniture!

When I look at this awesome product design the first thing I think of is college dorm rooms! The latest collection from d-vision leaves little to be desired. Whatever your specific taste may be, the eclectic series is sure to have a design that speaks to you. Ranging from a cushy chair that folds into(…)

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Danish Furniture

This is a whole set of awesome product designs. The Danish Living series of furniture by Addinterior merges modern design and traditional craftsmanship into unique individual pieces. I really like the coat rack due to its really minimal design composed of just 6 ash wood poles held together by a solid aluminum ring. Capable of(…)

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  1. jgoods: These are very simple and clean. I like furniture like this because it's purely functional but beautiful at the same…

Skeletal Chair

Here is Sarasota I see a ton of furniture as well as outdoor decorative sculptures made of metal. This sort of remind me of both. If the metal benches that you would find along the side of the road for a place to stop and rest was combined with the metal sculptures all over Sarasota and this is what(…)

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  1. Candelaria Folkerts: Furniture can be a product of design and is considered a form of decorative art. In addition to furniture's functional…

  2. jgoods: The designer has found a really cool way to bend the metal to form the seat of the chair and…

Stylish Desk

This is a completely new, fresh, and clean feeling to Lakos’ original designs that were finished in a beech veneer. This is much more elegant and modern looking. The aim of the designers was to find harmony between large surfaces and lightness, between a mass and a shell. That is probably why I love this(…)

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What the heck is that?

Co-existence was made by a designer who wanted to explore the oneness between man and nature. The beautifully cut ash frames appear to be balancing on an unsteady center point but it’s really solid granite. There’s something very modern about this strange piece of furniture, but I like it. Very stylish, and elegant product design.(…)

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