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Kala Segway

Many designers get their designs from somewhere else. Rather, they are inspired by something to come up with some of these brilliant creations. This product design was actually inspired by a flower. I know pretty crazy, right? A flower is a beautiful and unique thing. This vehicle takes that into consideration in every aspect. This(…)

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Segway Pod

This Segway style vehicle takes the 2-wheeler a step further in the form of a multifunctional transportation pod built for 2. Balanced on a movable joint arm, the Ayhanz Segway can be lowered for speed, linked with other vehicles of its type & even move like a roller coaster hanging from rails! Balancing futurism with(…)

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Segway Centaur

Now this is a pretty crazy product design that I must admit I would love to own. The Segway Centaur is a concept design by the maker that is made with four wheels but envisions a safe ride on all four or only two. MSU explained that a simple thumb throttle right beneath the handlebars(…)

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