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Hybrid Yacht

The ICARE Hybrid Yacht features carbon-fiber and structure design with epoxy. The yacht utilizes flexible solar sails for additional electric propulsion. During cloudy day when there’s no sun or wind, this yacht can use gas turbine engines. Equipped with hi-tech system, this awesome invention provides you with enjoyable ride, optimum sails orientation can be done(…)

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Luxuriousness Yacht

This power machine is basically a redesign of the speed world record holder, the Viareggio-Izmir. The boat combines comfort, speed and power, making it the ultimate entertainment vessel. The exterior is fit with specialized seats that allow guests to experience the craft’s extreme speed, but inside is a lavish salon, dining room, guest suites and(…)

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Photovoltaic Yacht

A yacht that uses photovoltaic energy? Come on! Just when you think they thought of everything, then something like this comes along. I will admit is a really interesting product design though. ALTAIR is an innovative design yacht concept that uses a 5KW photovoltaic  system along with two large wing to increase exposure. When the(…)

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A mega yacht that splits into three boats

I’ve always wondered why so many designers come up with these mega yacht creations. When I had taken a tour of a 130′ yacht I was amazed to know that in order to maintain a boat that size, there were two crew members who had to live on the boat at all times. Keeping it(…)

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Ocean Empire Superyacht

We hear tons of talk about hybrid this and hybrid that, but I bet you’ve never heard of a Hybrid Yacht. This really takes a new meaning to the word hybrid as well. It almost seems like a product design like this would leave absolutely no carbon footprint, which is great. Ocean Empire Superyacht is really a state of the(…)

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Onde 300 Yacht

There are so many yacht designs nowadays but I must admit that no two look alike. This yacht is very unique and by all means something that I would love to own! ONDE 300 yacht was designed to reinterpret the form of an old boat to hydroplane, and concept was also based off of the studies(…)

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Dartline 60′ Yacht

What more could you ask for with this cool invention? Living space on a powerboat, sounds pretty nice to me. this is the sort of thing I’ve been looking into. My boyfriend’s parents own a Carver which is a beautiful boat, don’t get me wrong. But I have to have the need for speed and my luxuries(…)

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Cruiser Series of Transportation

This is a pretty awesome series of product designs. I am 100% positive my R&R followers have never seen anything like this before. This is who slew of incredible innovative designs that I would love to own. A Flying Yacht? Yeah, you heard that right. The Cruiser Series offers you the ultimate luxury private and commercial traveling options. The cruiser(…)

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Ekrano Yacht

If this yacht was real, it would have drawn the attention of many. It is a hydrogen-powered transportation, called Ekrano Yacht. That makes this a super cool invention right there, hydrogen powered! This futuristic concept, created by this designer is just a glance of a flying yacht headed for 2025. As we always think of novel(…)

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Lamborghini Yacht

This design of the Lambo style yacht concept earned huge reputation with its impressive performance and stylish aesthetics. The design of this exclusive yacht takes inspiration from Lamborghini sports cars. The same team who worked for those Fiats and Rolls-Royce has been asked to work for the interior. Housing a twin 700 hp Volvo Penta(…)

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Hedonist Yacht

As many boat shows as I’ve been too I have never seen such an incredible product design. This is a really cool invention. Studio Art of Kinetik is popularly known for creating custom luxury wooden yachts. The hot cake of their collection of yachts however is the new Hedonist Yacht – a work of beautiful art, offering(…)

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X-SYM 125

The renowned Austria based Yacht designers from S-MOVE Design have revealed the super yacht project named X-SYM 125. This spectacular naval beast appears to be jaunty. The most striking feature of this model is that of its asymmetrical design and exclusive curves that emotes movement while at rest either. It’s pretty compact and features glowing(…)

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Imperatrice Yacht

Everyone prefers to have an ideal vacation. While some prefer spending their holidays flying to different locations, others, most preferably yacht lovers prefer sailing across the deep blue sea. Luxury is the first facet that comes to the mind of any yacht lover. Yacht designers are coming up with innovative designs every now and then,(…)

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Pelican Yacht

The Pelican80 is a new 80-feet planning motor cruiser built in composite, with showy lines and eye-catching design. The highlights of this brilliant yacht are certainly the new silhouette of the sheer line plus the design of the awning located right above the superstructure. While the yacht’s aesthetics is extremely dynamic, each element tends to(…)

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Galatea Yacht

Galatea 56 Yacht has been designed with aim to offer the market a new boat sober and exciting. It targets young successful professionals that will enjoy a modern and elegant atmosphere inside this yacht. Galatea 55 has been formed to develop long-term stays on board in comfort and relaxation, thanks to a style of navigation(…)

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