New Pedalite Products

If I was a biker I would have a real hard time picking out lights to ensure my safety when riding, especially at night. This designer has come up with two designs, Anklelite and Baglite. Obviously the Anklelite are lights that you strap around your ankle to provide lighting that can be seen from the(…)

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An innovative Fusion Model has been unveiled by the Christchurch Company that already developed the electric folding YikeBike. This new model is slightly heavy than the innate carbon fibre bike, however it is slightly lighter on the pocket. While the archetype is made out of carbon fibre, the Fusion frame as well as the structural(…)

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A bike with a ton of pieces!

This is a really crazy and innovative design for a bike. I know a lot of people who own bikes and one of the things I found that all bikers have in common is that they do not want anything that looks like what someone else has. To change this they alter the paint jobs(…)

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  1. Bob: That's an awesome bike. Not very practical but very nice looking.

Twist Bike

If you can look past the hubless wheels, you’ll appreciate the fine symmetry behind this awesome product design. Introducing the Twist Bike. This cool invention has a totally unique gearing system that allows each component to be easily removed for storage, repairs, or transporting. The design is also capable of linking with other Twists to(…)

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The Glo-Bars are a very clever handlebar system that integrates rechargeable LED lights to the bars of the cycle. Not only is this a really cool invention because of how awesome your bike is going to look while you drive around at night, but it as a huge safety feature! In many states it is illegal to(…)

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Shopping Bike

Shopping effortlessly, that’s what the designer of Trolley-Bike said to us. It takes only 3 steps to convert from a traditional shopping cart to a bike, so instead of pushing and walking the shopping cart in the supermarket, you can now ride it. This may not be practical, but it would definitely be faster and more fun.(…)

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