Chalkboard Weekly Calendar

Calendars are so helpful to remind us what it is we need to do in the future. The Chalkboard Weekly Calendar are these cool little blocks that you stick on your refrigerator like a magnet. You have a one week calendar to write notes on for each day. When the week is over, erase and(…)

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Bottle Band Medicine Reminder

I’ve never had to take medicine of any sort for a prolonged amount of time. I would hate to imagine what it is like for people, especially the elderly, to remember to take a pill at a certain time of the day or on certain days of the week. I’m forgetful enough as it is so this(…)

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Hunger Table

This is a pretty shocking statistic, ever 3.6 seconds someone dies of hunger. Many of us probably sit at the dinner table every night taking advantage of the fact that we have food in our bellies. In order to remind us to be thankful for the food that we consume every day, this designer has come up with(…)

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Oral Care Habit Development

Every time we go in for dentist appointments, I’m sure we have all gotten the flossing lecture. We should be flossing every single day, but to be honest I always end up forgetting to do it. This cool invention was designed to help remind you that flossing is very important and a necessary part of(…)

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Bye-5 lighting

After a long day’s work, we may not pay attention to small things such as turning off the room light before leaving. Bye-5 is an light switch that intuitively reminds people to turn the light off by encouraging a “high-5′ interaction. The adorable hand-shaped look catches your attention, and the soft skin-like touch encourages a(…)

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A good product will sell itself. This is by all means a good product design. Pebble watch features customizable app that brings this watch to become an important part in your life.. You can change this watch face anytime you get bored, it connects to your iPhone and Android smartphones by using Bluetooth. Even when(…)

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Romantic Watch

This is one of the cutest, strangest, most romantic, and clever product designs I have seen for a watch. The Other-Half watch offers unique small secondary watch face located on your inner wrist. It’s been designed with aim to keep your long distance friends, family or lovers close to your heart. This watch serves as a(…)

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  1. jgoods: This is a neat idea that I think a lot of people can relate to. I have definitely thought of…

Adhesive Memo Pad

I am super forgetful and it ends up being a problem a lot of the time. Most of the time I don’t remember something 5 minutes after I said it. If you sound like I do, which hopefully you don’t, then you should invest in this cool invention. Very cool product design. Frame-It adhesive memo pad has the same(…)

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  1. jgoods: I like different shaped sticky notes just because they don't need to be square all the time. They can be…

Door Handle Concept

So, you and the family is going on this big vacation and just as you finish locking up everything and shut the main door, your wife calls out – hon, did you check the gas and switch-off all the lights? Sounds familiar? How about if you had the ‘Off’ installed! It is a door handle(…)

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