Lamp Inspired by a Piano

Very cool invention. The Piano is a super awesome looking desktop lamp made out of black metal and warm bright wood. Don’t try to tell me that those two color sand materials wouldn’t look stunning together! It has a unique way of closing and stowing away which was obviously inspired by the piano. If you want to(…)

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Piano Switch

A switch in the house is usually not considered as important element in an interior design. But if you take a look at Piano Remorkable Switch, I’m pretty sure you will agree that this switch provides beautiful and futuristic décor to any room. Piano Switch design is more than something that you use to turn(…)

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Finger Piano?

Very cool invention so you can have music at your fingertips. When new musical instruments come from Japan, we all know they are going to be fun. This Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is totally fun. Slip it on your wrist and slip your fingers into the little finger thingies and you are ready to rock. But(…)

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Piano for the Deaf

This is one cool invention. Beyond Silence digital piano is a concept music instrument for hearing impaired people, especially children. It would be pretty difficult to grasp the idea of hearing impaired people listen to the music. How can they enjoy the music when they don’t even hear the sound? That’s a good question to(…)

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  1. marche: i would really like to know more about this product could you please put more information on how it works…