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Luniform Frame Motorcycle

Electric Motorcycles! I keep seeing these awesome innovative designs fro e-bikes and I sure do love them. I did a blog this week on an electric motorcycle, the speedy stylish looking one. This designer has come up with an electric motorcycle design that may appear to Harley Davidson and Chopper lovers. It is a much more large muscular looking(…)

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A bike with a ton of pieces!

This is a really crazy and innovative design for a bike. I know a lot of people who own bikes and one of the things I found that all bikers have in common is that they do not want anything that looks like what someone else has. To change this they alter the paint jobs(…)

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  1. Bob: That's an awesome bike. Not very practical but very nice looking.

Muscle Motorcycle

This is a really sexy and sleek product design. Forget about muscle cars, now we have muscle bikes. Not gonna lie it does look pretty bad. Indian motorcycle is a legend for many motorcycle enthusiasts, designers and riders. This was the driving force designing the Indian Gorilla V4 motorcycle. The idea includes both technical solutions(…)

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Electric Motorcycle

This is a very cool product design that just happens to be environmentally friendly as well. SORA Electric Motorcycle boasts the combination of futuristic, café racer and street fighter bikes into one innovative electric superbike. The designer team says that SORA represents a new generation electric motorcycle. It’s an electric bike that doesn’t compromise its(…)

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Sick Bike

I love this product design! This FB R2000S concept is loosely based on the BMW R1200S, a Boxer model renowned for sporting performance and dynamic riding characteristics. The athletic look of the FB R2000S is contrasted with a particular touch of lightness in the form of not 2, but 3 hubless wheels with independent suspension and minimal(…)

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