modern rocking chair

Rocking Horse

The rocking horse is one design that has been a bit played out as there hasn’t been much variation in either shape or style since it first started appearing in homes. This abstract take on the rocker puts emphasis on the structure in a stainless steel version that symbolizes the mere essence of the classic(…)

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Doghouse/Rocking Chair

This is what happens when you combine a rocking chair and a pet house, Rocking 2-gether chair. You can relax on this chair as well as your furry pal enjoying the sunset in the afternoon. This project started in 2011, generating digital 3D models. The product you see in this picture is a prototype made(…)

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Bangulella egg shaped rocking chair

The first thing I though this looked like at first glance was an egg. It looks super modern and I do love rocking chairs so this is another great product in my book. I love this cool invention because it looks so futuristic. The furthest thing from the traditional rocking chairs that I love so(…)

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Rocking Chair/Craddle

This is an awesome product design. Brilliant and useful design allows one of the parents to sit in the chair and gently rock the baby to sleep. When the baby outgrows the cradle, it is possible to convert “rockid” into an ordinary rocking chair. This would be so helpful for putting infants to sleep. I couldn’t have(…)

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Seat For Two Please

This would be great to be able to cuddle up next to your hunny and watch some TV or even have a nice chat about how your day at work was. The Sway chair features a padded seat, metal body, and an innovative shape that enables you to use the chair many different ways. This(…)

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