kettle definition

Collapsible Kettle

Sometimes with camping or cramped urban apartments with tight kitchen, the biggest problem people face is having something that is useful but at the same time, convenient. This silicon kettle can boil the standard 6 cups of water over an electric stove or a campfire fold downs into a steel base that measure 2.5 inches.(…)

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This invention is kind of cool, it’s an eco friendly Twist Stovetop Kettle. It ensures no water loss during the heating process due to its inner circulation design. Using the conventional water kettle, there’s 25% of the water lost during boiling, Twist kettle works to solve this problem by eliminating the loss of water as(…)

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Wells Smart Mini is unique to say the least

Just when you think someone couldn’t have invented a crazier product design, they do. Wells Smart Mini is a water purifier that can pour out chilled drinking water and double up as an electric kettle. The idea is that spaces are reducing and family sizes are shrinking. So to keep pace with current trends of multi-functionality we have a(…)

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Braun Modern Kettle

When you think of a kettle, you think of old fashioned and antique. At least that’s what I think of when I hear it. I think of my grandma making hot tea with one and listening to that little whistle. Well after you see this cool invention you will have a new definition of the kettle. This designer redesigned(…)

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Cordless Kettle

Really cool invention. This Cordless Kettle is the second product released in 2012 as part of Kitchenware design for Peel. You probably still remember the coffee machine design, this kettle features similar artistic design with subtle soothing blue light. The main aesthetic centrepiece of this unique kettle is the elegantly crafted surfaces that peel away(…)

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