Sirena Trimaran Yacht Design

Sirena trimaran yacht is a 50m trimaran, designed by Adrian Smith and Matthew Jeffrey. With an ever increasing need for more environmentally friendly motor yachts, a trimaran provides a more efficient platform for a super yacht, with a lower drag coefficient, resulting in lower emissions and a larger interior space. Sirena Trimaran Yacht is primarily(…)

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  1. FFton: awesome. Yacht designs like this always have decks that are just skimming the water, like the back deck shown. I…

  2. jgoods: I love the look of this yacht. It's very sleek and the lines have a nice directional movement. I think…

High End 60 footer

SERION E60 yacht is the latest concept yacht from an Austrian design studio. Through this project, the studio demonstrates its expertise in research and development to design a real yacht of the future. This yacht was based on research of trends in yacht design and upcoming value shifts within the next fifteen to twenty years. The(…)

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Tropical Yacht Paradise!

Oh my god! I took a look at the first picture and I was hooked from that very moment. The Yacht Island Design provides the user with a magnificent and innovative design of a tropical island paradise. The main idea was to create a pleasant floating island with all of the features that a tropical(…)

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Incredible Super Yachts

So I am by all means obsessed with boating and being on the water. I ran across these Super Yachts today and decided this would be a great blog. My family owns a 55 foot Carver, but after seeing these I think it is time for an upgrade! A really, really, really big upgrade. From all(…)

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