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Biomorphism Home? Very futuristic

Futuristic House Biomorphism expresses sensitive architectural approach to build a future house. If you take a look at the concept here, you’ll see that the architecture company decided to free itself from the usual technical and geometrical constraints. I like this product design a lot because it is so unusual and unique. I am very into the(…)

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Crazy Architectural Design by Pavie

I am a very architecturally curious person. I enjoy seeing different designs for buildings and homes. And of course the biggest ones grab my attention the most. Here is another new futuristic home, the Biomorphic House. This was another one that grabbed my attention in an instant. Hand made green house, soft and sensitive biomorphic(…)

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Flying Home

Now I really like this product design. I see so many concepts for yachts, our wonderful floating homes. But I have never seen anything like this. I actually think that it is one of the most interesting designs that I have seen in a while. Wolke7 Future Flying House concept has envisioned the possibility of enjoying your(…)

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