home depot bathtub

Interesting Bath

Bath design usually revolves around making the largest tubs possible. Not the case with the Patrarch Bath Tub. It’s simple design is not modeled after a western tub, but an eastern “sitting tub”. Adults can enjoy the therapeutic benefits of bathing with salts and minerals, and children can also bathe in this convenient and safe(…)

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Ultra-Convenient Bathtub

Classic designs for bathtubs and showers are not easily accessible to all individuals. Stepping in and out of a slippery tub is dangerous for an array of individuals, such as people with physical disabilities, elderly people, and pregnant women. This unique bathtub allows the user to walk onto a flat platform and then have the(…)

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Carbon Fiber Bathtub

It’s beginning to look like designers and inventors new favorite thing to play around with is carbon fiber. I’ve seen the “ingredient” played around with a lot lately, but never like this. What i have here is an interesting play on carbon fiber, made into a bathtub. It’s personally not my style, but I could(…)

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Bathtub Recycles Water

This year Roca has launched international design award with “Jump the Gap” theme. To this designer“Jump the Gap” means an opportunity for him to change our world from standpoint of design. Water is an essential but limited resource for our life. We should treat them with careful management as the central strategy of sustainable development(…)

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Inflate a Tub

Trying to product an innovative design for a bathtub really isn’t as easy as it sounds, This just may be why we don’t get to see very many changes in this field. Picture a bathtub with one side as an inflatable vinyl portion that collapse to provide you easy access. This is not only a really cool feature of(…)

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Handicapped Bathtub

I think that it is really great how a lot of designers lately have been coming up with innovative designs for the handicapped. This is another one of those really cool inventions we may want to go ahead an add to the list! The Flume Tub allows a handicapped person to walk right into the bath tub with ease(…)

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