Funny Key Holder

This is a cute way to always know where your keys are at. I think I leave my house literally every morning not knowing where I put my keys from the night before. These key holders could be used at home so that you know which set is yours and which set is your hubby’s.(…)

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  1. erieta: hi i would like to buy this key holder u sell them?

Finger Printing Art Set

As a kid finger painting was always one of my favorite things to do, any opportunity I had to make a mess and get dirty I would jump on in a heartbeat. This cool invention is basically a less messy way of finger painting, with some added variety. This is the Finger Printing Art Set.(…)

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A cute bike for girls!

This is such a cute and cool invention! I love how this looks and I could totally see myself riding it. The Velo Chic cycle aims to reach the untapped market of female riders by providing easy-to-use, lightweight transportation with a cutesy retro aesthetic. Collapsible handlebars & a folding center hinge make it super storage-friendly(…)

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