gas space heater

Sun Container

The Sun Container is capable of radiating heat up to 120 Watts. Pretty incredible product design I would think. It is one of the most conservative household machines with a smart and elegant design that helps in utilizing the natural heat source for as a Space Heater. The solar energy is acquired effortlessly and recovers(…)

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HotSpot. A space heater/clothing dryer

This is a super cool invention. The eco-concious HotSpot heater aims to reduce the user’s overall energy consumption by simultaneously drying clothes while heating rooms. I think this sounds like an awesome product already! Simply place the nested laundry basket in the center and heat radiation and natural heat convection will safely dry your wet clothes(…)

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  1. jgoods: In my opinion, products such as this one are all about scale and the designer has not done a good…

Cute space heaters

Inspired by the warm winds that originate in the Mediterranean between Africa and Spain, the Levante 360° fan heater provides efficient multidirectional heat that is pushed outward from the circular vent that surrounds the body. Unlike many conventional designs on the market, the Levante’s protective grille is replaced by an attractive tactile shell that makes(…)

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