garden party

BB Little Garden

I have always loved the thought of planting an herb garden to use for home cooking. As much as I would love to do this, I really don’t have anywhere to grow the plants seeing as my Sarasota home is in the city. This cool invention would be a great way of allowing city dwellers to grow(…)

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Garden Roof

Here is an interesting concept of modularizing the roofs of buildings. The idea stems from the fact that roof gardens have a uni-directional focus with little or no variations. Design Prototype Interactive Roof are pixilated units that perform a unique function and interact according to the living space below it. Like the designer explains, each of(…)

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Green Wheel

Green Wheel is actually a conceptual revolutionary rotary hydroponic system developed by NASA in order to provide continuous supply of fresh herbs and salad in spacecraft. It’s pretty effective that this industrial designer wanted to transfer the concept into our daily life and so far it looks pretty promising. This rotary garden could be the(…)

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Smart Garden!

Framed by local, organic, and sustainable food trends, popular interest in urban, backyard, and community agriculture has been surging in recent years. At the same time, “virtual gardening” applications, games and tools, from Farmville to iBotanika, have transformed gardening from a low-tech, introspective pursuit, to an information-rich, social experience that hybridizes physical and virtual environments(…)

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