Sketch Finger

I would have never thought to create something like this cool invention, then again, I am no designer or artist. I bet our guys here at R&R Associates could tell me what they think of this crazy product design, the Sketch Finger. This is basically a really simple innovative design. You insert your pen of pencil into(…)

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Finger Printing Art Set

As a kid finger painting was always one of my favorite things to do, any opportunity I had to make a mess and get dirty I would jump on in a heartbeat. This cool invention is basically a less messy way of finger painting, with some added variety. This is the Finger Printing Art Set.(…)

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Finger Piano?

Very cool invention so you can have music at your fingertips. When new musical instruments come from Japan, we all know they are going to be fun. This Japanese Wrist-Mounted Finger Piano is totally fun. Slip it on your wrist and slip your fingers into the little finger thingies and you are ready to rock. But(…)

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