Wooden House Captures Suns Rays

The blocks jutting out randomly on the portico make this structure look really interesting. And the amazing wooden structure standing at Villa Olympica in Barcelona is undoubtedly quite interesting. The window and shade arrangement, made from pyramidal shapes of varying sizes, looks very eccentric. However, the crazy design is based on a plan as each(…)

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Mobile Phone Nesting Dolls

The Russian Matushka dolls are history, especially when compared with the Cell Phone Nesting Dolls chart. Similar to the model of the traditional doll set, the mobile set is the most informative way of teaching your children the evolution of the mobile phone. Classified as a very unique piece of art, the designer phone set(…)

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Cafe With A Bike Track On The Roof

The roof of this Bike rental shop and cafe in Southern China is actually a functioning cycling track! The result is what the architects call “a mashup” of building types. The velodrome is supported by a structural system anchored below the central staircase that provides access to the track above. A curtain wall of glass hangs(…)

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Stroom Shoe

Check these insane shoes designed by a super cool designer I like how they compact into their small packaging. “Emphasizing the minimal structure footwear, while creating a clear language and ecstatic.”

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Veladoras Invention, A Mexican Tradition

I think its is pretty neat how invention are created dependent upon a culture. I know that depending on your ethnic background, you may have certain traditions. Traditions for me would be to have massive family gathering on holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving. My family has always made sure to bring everyone together for these special events. In Mexico, traditions(…)

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  2. jgoods: These little things make me giggle because they are Mexican luchadores! I would want two giant silvery Mexican masked wrestlers…

Making Water out of Thin Air… or Thick Air!

NJORD is a portable water condenser targeted for warmer climates that was designed to condense the moisture in the surrounding atmosphere to create useable drinking water throughout the day. An internal thermostat monitors air temperature and adjusts an internal polar polymer to create the needed conditions for condensation to occur inside the bottle. Within two(…)

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Upscale TV Stand Out of A Porsche

Porsche Lovers should check out this blog.  This cool innovative design has brought the passion for vechilces off the roads and into their homes.  The car art, full-sized sculptures furnish auto lovers homes. This unconventional industrial designed automobile-inspired furniture specially for the Porsche-lovers is the custom TV stands made from genuine Porsche models. The innovative(…)

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Design Company Designs World’s Most Expensive Christmas Tree

The malls, homes and the markets, all stands decorated in the best ways possible to bring on the festivities. And, this year too, the world’s greatest jewellery designers are back with their one-of-a-kind Christmas trees taking the tradition forward. Yet again, Tokyo jeweler Tanaka, known for his lavish statement pieces, has created the Ginza golden(…)

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Christmas Around the World

Christmas has come and gone, but what is the true meaning behind Christmas?  And are you ready for the New Year’s Eve Party? Christmas Traditions and Customs Around the World The Real Meaning of Christmas History of Christmas Christmas Defined

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Riot Shield

It’s unfortunate that there’s a need for this at all, but I guess there’s also something to be said for a peaceful protest! This riot shield design provides multidirectional protection from incoming projectiles whether directly ahead or above. When counterattacks are necessary, nonlethal weapons like tasers & defense spray are built into the shield &(…)

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Spring Battery

It’s quite the trend to look for ways to extend the life of a battery, be it a AAA, AA or even the D-size. What we have here today is the ONE=TWO – Spring Battery. The design is quite self explanatory, so my question for you today is this: is it worth extracting every ounce(…)

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UR-202 Watch

The UR-202 Watch is unlike other watches both in aesthetics and in performance where the time over it is displayed with the help of telescopic minute hands operating via the middle of 3 orbiting and circling hour satellites. The wristwatch’s large easy-to-read dial makes it possible for the wearer to read the time hassle-free when(…)

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Mushroom Lamp 2

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first mushroom cloud lamp design that I’ve seen before. (Great minds really do think alike.) But I like this one equally for its softer nature and unique inspiration. Though ominous at first glance, the Mushroom Lamp 2 is a representation of the world’s existing 23,000 nuclear weapons (said to be capable(…)

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Armodilo Display Stand

At an age when corporate presentations, and live consumer experiences in the retail segment take an upstream drive, there is a strong demand for integrated display systems, which will help you hook up your iPads or other tablets to give a presentation. We have an ideal tablet accessory, is the three-in-one Armodilo display stand, which(…)

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  1. marek: Dear All, I have interest of Armodilo display stand ( or similar products ). Could you send me product list…

Solid Wood LED Lamp

Intuitive functionality meets unpredictable geometric styling in this solid wood lamp. To turn on the embedded LED light, simply graze a finger across the metallic button at the base. A super-extended arm balanced by a weighted base make this a sturdy desktop lighting solution that won’t obtrude workspace. This is a very cool and modern(…)

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