Stones of warmth

Warming stones have been used throughout history, especially in the Korean culture. Sometimes its used as a relaxation technique sometimes its used for its old purpose for simply keeping you warm. This unique invention you can stick them to your wrist or pillow or even hands to keep yourself toasty warm. Living stones How to(…)

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Shower Head

Sometimes I find myself wishing I could change the water pressure in my shower. Well with this cool invention I can now do so. The Aqueous shower head has a disk that allows you to control the water flow and leaves you in control for your desired pressure. Push down to regulate the pressure, push(…)

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Stylus for your gloves

Don’t let the cold keep you from your connections! Digits are mini conductive pins that attach to the gloves you already love so you can use electronic touch screen devices, like smartphones and MP3 players, even when it’s below zero. You simply attach the Digits and with the included device to which ever fingers you(…)

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Sleeping Bag Suit

I’ve been thinking about a product design like this for years! Well, someone already created it, and boy are they going to be making a ton of money off of it because it is a huge hit in the UK already. This is the MusucBag. The only way I know how to describe this product(…)

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Attemper Beverage Stir Stick

Many of us enjoy a hot beverage in the morning, unfortunately after a few sips and trying to make it all the way to work with your beverage, it slowly cools off. Keeping your beverages hot or cold won’t be a problem anymore if you use the Attemper Stir-stick. This was created by an Indonesian(…)

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Coolrunnings Water Cooler

This is an awesome product design. Coolrunnings is a concept that allows you to enjoy a cool swig of water every single time! The way it works is this; a slender turbine of sorts is fitted into a rubberized cap and based on some physics that the designer has explained below, a few good shakes(…)

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Glovetip, an alternative to the touchscreen gloves that is a simple accessory for your already existing pair of gloves/mitts. Two designers created the Glovetip, a small conductive button that you attach to your own pair of gloves or mittens. The idea came about in 2009 when the designer’s phone rang and he couldn’t answer it because of his(…)

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LED Torch

For those about to camp in dangerous or otherwise unsettling environments, remember that you’ve always got LED lamps on your side. In this case is LET Touch Stick, a device which breaks up into parts for easy carrying and otherwise provides solar-charged sticks of light for safety. These lights are able to stay on all(…)

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  1. jgoods: I think having solar lights with you when you camp is a great idea because they charge in the sunlight…

Elegant Ethanol Fireplace

Quantum Ethanol Fireplace is an awesome triangular shaped fireplace with a very contemporary design. I think one of the coolest parts about this invention is honestly its shape. How many triangle shaped fireplaces have you seen? This geometric figure is definitely an attention grabber and eye catcher. This could be the new focal point of(…)

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Stanley Carbonated Beverage Can

This is actually a pretty cool invention with an innovative design thbat would be super helpful for our carbonated beverage lovers. Stanley Nineteen13 Carbonated Drink Bottle is a beer soda and cold effervescent bottle with sweat proof and is 100 percent packable. We’ve seen many canteens dedicated to keep your beverage cold or hot, also(…)

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BMW M + K2 = A Nice Pair of Skis

Love the Winter, Love the Cold, Love Snow, Love this Product! Now that the winter is raging in most parts of the world, some of the elite few have perhaps started taking their winter vacations in the mountains. One of the popular activities in those areas is skiing, which like all other, needs sophisticated equipment. Those(…)

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