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Pumpkin portable water filtration system!

This is an amazing a really cool invention that would be super helpful on so many different levels. Bring Pumpkin portable water filtration system when you go to camp or have any outdoor activities, it would become very handy when there’s no clean water around you. This tool uses a UV filtration system, charcoal filter,(…)

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BMW i8, WOW!!!

Gotta love this product design! This is another high end and very cool invention. BMW baby! Escape from your busy routine life with BMW i8 Concept, it combines the performance of a sports car with efficiency. This is the iconic symbol of emotional, dynamic and efficient designs. The BMW Vision EfficientDynamics has clearly stated that(…)

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Halo Light

Created with just an LED strip, a ring diffuser, a power source and a mirror on a bit of back support, this is Aureole, a unique lighting solution. You’ll find that what you’ve got here is a halo of light, made whole by the mirror that sits behind a crescent of LEDs. Hang a series(…)

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Pebbles Carpet

This designer presents to us, a carpet which is initially quite light in appearance but physically heavy to lift. Inside two layers of synthetic fabric are individually sewn stone pebbles, each of them hand-picked to create a bumpy platform for those that want to learn to think before they step. A sense of calm in(…)

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  1. Bob: When I first looked at this I thought it was going to be little balls of comfortable cotton or something…

Bangulella egg shaped rocking chair

The first thing I though this looked like at first glance was an egg. It looks super modern and I do love rocking chairs so this is another great product in my book. I love this cool invention because it looks so futuristic. The furthest thing from the traditional rocking chairs that I love so(…)

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Danish Furniture

This is a whole set of awesome product designs. The Danish Living series of furniture by Addinterior merges modern design and traditional craftsmanship into unique individual pieces. I really like the coat rack due to its really minimal design composed of just 6 ash wood poles held together by a solid aluminum ring. Capable of(…)

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  1. jgoods: These are very simple and clean. I like furniture like this because it's purely functional but beautiful at the same…

HotSpot. A space heater/clothing dryer

This is a super cool invention. The eco-concious HotSpot heater aims to reduce the user’s overall energy consumption by simultaneously drying clothes while heating rooms. I think this sounds like an awesome product already! Simply place the nested laundry basket in the center and heat radiation and natural heat convection will safely dry your wet clothes(…)

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  1. jgoods: In my opinion, products such as this one are all about scale and the designer has not done a good…

Air Well Dishwasher

Air Well dishwasher design brings the concept of a dishwasher that doesn’t need any energy or water to run, actually it produces its own water and energy. By the time we reach 2050, if we keep doing what we’re doing, we would definitely face acute shortage of water. Keeping this in mind, Dénes Janoch, an(…)

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  1. jgoods: This is another great example of how a designer has made an appliance that looks more like sculptural piece. I…

Stone table is a modern furniture

I love this perfect product design. So aesthetic and modern looking. The form of Stone Table reminds you of the white rounded stones of the Versilia river. The table is made of CRISTALPLANT, and consists of a main unit, the table, and four other small units that are joined to the main body through a(…)

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  1. jgoods: I have seen patio furniture that fits together like this and I think it is a very good idea because…

Valmet Dawn Electric Vehicle

Valmet Dawn futuristic electric vehicle demonstrated how electric components can be integrated into innovative hovercraft like vehicle without compromising its style. This vehicle was one of major attractions during the Geneva Motor Show and visitors were captivated by the futuristic look of this electric vehicle. Although the EV components are exposed on the body, they(…)

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  1. jgoods: This is one wild looking concept vehicle. I think this would be an awesome addition to a sci fi movie.…

LED Torch

For those about to camp in dangerous or otherwise unsettling environments, remember that you’ve always got LED lamps on your side. In this case is LET Touch Stick, a device which breaks up into parts for easy carrying and otherwise provides solar-charged sticks of light for safety. These lights are able to stay on all(…)

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  1. jgoods: I think having solar lights with you when you camp is a great idea because they charge in the sunlight…

A folding tablet?

This is a really cool and very futuristic product design. The following project is a tablet made to fold into many different forms and sit nicely inside the Fujitsu brand. It’s important to note that this project was only designed to look nice inside the Fujitsu brand scheme, and is not an official project with(…)

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Composting made easy

Composting is a great way to product amazing fertilizer you can use to grow your own garden. However not many people enjoy the concept of composting The idea that there’s rotting garbage in a plastic bin on my lawn goes against every thing I would ever want my yard to look like and furthermore smell like. The(…)

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  1. jgoods: Composting is a very interesting concept to me because a lot of people enjoy doing it but no one ever…