Inner City Vehicle

This has got to be one of the coolest compact cars I have seen yet. Rather than something goofy and rather ugly looking the Inner City Vehicle has nailed the perfect compact car. A super aesthetically pleasing design combined with curves that make the car look very elegant! I would absolutely drive this around the city of Sarasota. This is a(…)

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Futuristic Green Floating City

There has been a lot of talk about making floating cities in the future. When you think about how much ocean there is compared to land, its actually quite shocking. It’s hard to believe that there is that much unoccupied space left. This cool invention, the Green Float, is an awesome product design that would(…)

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Vertical Village

This is a pretty interesting product design. The main focus of designing Vertical Village concept was to enjoy village living without taking a lot of lands that we usually see in traditional villages which can be realized pretty easily with the massive structure of the concept. The houses are envisioned as cells with largest possible(…)

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I actually really like this product design. I think that it is a very clever and cool invention. This unorthodox structure, designed for Shangai’s city center, traverses over a man-made river and park system, serving as a peaceful landmark getaway for visitors and locals alike. The spiraling structure, named Sity, is ultramodern in approach, but(…)

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Listen Here

Such a cool invention! One of the best things about visiting new places is getting in on the secret spots where locals love to hang. Listen Here is a service that connects tourists with locals, allowing them to listen to live audio transmitted by portable microphones that have been left by locals in their favorite hangouts.(…)

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Bus stop shelter

A bus shelter has been designed for the purpose of developing a real time final year project of an industrial designer, Gavin Harvey. This innovative bus stop is capable of charging an electric bus wirelessly. It is also built-up with a mechanism to charge mobile phones and laptops. It simplifies the working logistics of next(…)

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The main objective of City Aquatic Transport (C.A.T) is to help reducing urban city congestion. Waterways running through cities are usually passing by strategic public areas, with only little infrastructure needed, C.A.T system can fulfill its primary task. The system has been designed really simple to use. The users can pre-book or directly order a(…)

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Egg Mobile

The City Egg by Tomasz Mikrut is a car-share concept designed to make getting around the city a cinch. The compact vehicle accommodates a single passenger enclosed in a 3-dimensional oval. Though it’s small, the natural egg shape supports weight evenly and minimizes stress and strain on the structure, making it as strong as it(…)

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Awesome folding bike

One really great means of transportation here in Sarasota is by riding bikes. Riding a bike seems like a great transportation option to reach our destination faster but I can only imagine how frustrating it is to try and get a bike on the subway in NYC when they are packed. Full circle just may the one(…)

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  1. Bob: These look like desk chair wheels.Seems convenient for big cities.

  2. Jason: Very clean design! I'd love to see it in white. I can tell you from experience that it is very…

  3. Nali: nice design ,

Himalayan Water Tower

This is such a cool product design. After I saw the pictures I was hooked on this cool invention. 40% of the worlds fresh water sits housed within 55,000 glaciers in the Himalaya Mountains. The massive ice sheets are melting faster due to climate change, posing possible dire consequences for Asia, especially for the villages(…)

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