Bus stop shelter

A bus shelter has been designed for the purpose of developing a real time final year project of an industrial designer, Gavin Harvey. This innovative bus stop is capable of charging an electric bus wirelessly. It is also built-up with a mechanism to charge mobile phones and laptops. It simplifies the working logistics of next(…)

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Speedy Futuristic Bus

Welcome to a new means of transportation. This is a very cool product design that I think a city like Sarasota or very urbanized areas would benefit from. With each day bringing new advancements to the way we live and work I think the way we get place to place should advance as well. Granted the SCAT(…)

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Airstream 685 Motor-Home

After creating the luxurious, spacious, and rather hi-tech motor home, in the form of the Series 2 684 caravan, Airstream upped the tempo to create the Airstream 685 motor-home. This edition is stated to become the biggest one of its kind, even dwarfing its previous edition, which was known for its utility of space part(…)

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