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Cool Chair

Throughout their history, chairs have not evolved enough, with most comfortable chairs being highly expensive, difficult to transport, or difficult to clean. The Suzak chair has none of these issues, and is a truly modern lounge chair. The Suzak is made from a spandex like material and stainless steel frame, and comes in 213 color(…)

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Cool Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges provide a great way to recline in style. The cool Levity Chaise Lounge also gives the illusion that the lounger is levitating in space. Although you might be apprehensive about the sturdiness of this lounge, the 20 12mm thick birch rods make the Levity structurally sound. This slender chaise is lightweight and wonderfully(…)

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Bio-Ethanol Fireplace

The wonderful aesthetic value of the fireplace extends it’s purpose far beyond warming the home. Two new bio-ethanol fireplaces have been developed by Glammfire that address this need beautifully. Made with such materials as oak wood layers and lacquered and stainless steel, the Milwood and Muble 1050 each offer modern, unique home interior additions. The Milwood’s design makes(…)

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Heat Reflection Canopy

Patio heaters are quickly showing up on wishlists and we have decided to come up with a fantastic way to add one of these to your outdoors, without having to compromise on the aesthetic beauty of your landscaping. Called the Heat Reflection Canopy, this concept works as a shelter from the elements and as a(…)

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Unique Lounge Chair

Combing two different structures to make one familiar looking one, this product brings a new meaning to the word unique. The chair is super new and contemporary, as adjustable as well. The construction of the chair is very easy to work with and there is no mechanical system to fret about. All of the fabric(…)

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Lounge chairs

Lounge chairs and easy chairs are so comfortable and something that I always look forward to. This invention is called Gauzy furniture system and looks like a light-weight chair that won’t take up your entire living space. It reflects very summery and fruity colors that would fit just right in that sea-facing balcony. Chaise lounge  Clean a(…)

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Unique Table

Cutting three triangular areas from a single sheet of stainless steel, then bent the sheet into form and end points are welded together is what this inventor did to create this cool new invention. The result is a modular object composed of two X shapes that works independently or arranged in a series. It could be an(…)

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Electric Fireplace

This invention is a set of electric fireplaces designs in the shape of a beehive. Bringing elegance and class to your room, this is sure to be the center of conversation. Plus it adds warmth to your home during those harsh winter months. Change the design to get your desired temperature and style of the(…)

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Chaise Lounge

A hallmark of contemporary design, this chaise longue was created by three architects who were forerunners of the International Style. An adjustable chromed-steel cradle rests on a black steel base. Broad rubber straps support the upholstered cushion with attached headrest and double-reinforced edge stitching to maintain its shape over time. Manufactured by Cassina under license(…)

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Hosu Lounge Chair

I love lounge chairs. Nothing makes working easier when you are comfortable and satisfied. The Hosu Single Seat Lounge Chair ensures that you have an ergonomic seating design. Not only is this chair comfortable, but it looks just as aesthetically pleasing. I wish I had one in my own home. I love that the foot rest is part(…)

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Portable Fireplace

Now this is a really incredible fireplace design. It’s portable which is the biggest thing that stood out to me. If I ever wanted to bring it into my room, or out into the living room it would be totally easy to do. You can set it on the table to use as a decorative(…)

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  1. Therese: How much and where can you buy this?

The Stove

This cool invention was actually designer for earthquake prone Japan. I could see it being used all over the world for power outages and so on. The Stove is used to cook food in case of emergency, while also allowing us to charge batteries at the same time. Power outages in Florida actually happen far more often that you(…)

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Modulo T10 Fireplace

I absolutely love seeing fireplaces in homes. I wish my home in Florida had one, unfortunately it doesn’t, but my home in Tennessee does. Every winter that I go up to Tennessee I make sure that I use the fireplace as much as I can. The Modulao T10 is a biomass heating stove with a flame effect. All of(…)

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  1. virtual fireplace: I agree.This is a cool invention.I love it.Knowing that it is environment-friendly,I can wait to have one.

Lounge Chair Cushion

Lounger cushion as soft as a cloud. 2 2⁄5″ thick, breathable polyester padding stays comfortable for hours. Nothing at all like ordinary cushions with a simple foam core. This one is 6cm thick and padded with a soft 100% polyester cushion. You can lie on it comfortably for hours even on relatively hard teak or plastic loungers.(…)

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Bio-ethanol Fueled Fireplaces

These are 2 bioethanol fireplaces from GlammFire: Milwood and Muble 1050. A fireplace is no longer just a tool to keep you warm. Nowadays, people are becoming more aware of aesthetic value of fireplace. Milwood and Muble 1050 have been designed to offer a new way to feel fire, they feature a mix of seduction(…)

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