aluminum radiator

Dino Radiator

This is actually a really cute product design but I am not sure just how many people would actually want one of these in their homes. Yes, this handsome Thermosaurus is a heat exchanger that is energy-savvy thanks to the cast iron skeleton. I think its a really cool invention. The designer says his inspiration(…)

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  1. jgoods: I like dinosaurs a lot so when I saw this i got excited. I think its wonderful that this skeleton…

Radiator Lamp

Bet you have never seen a lamp that looks like a radiator. Until now of course. This is actually a pretty cool invention. You can never have enough lighting options and this would be one of those lights we could add to the list of strange lamps. I do like it, and I think that(…)

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  1. Em: it just gonna be so bright though, but if using this for some activities or party occasionally would be interesting

  2. jgoods: I can't even imagine how bright this is but I don't think I would like to have one in my…

Radiator that looks like a campfire… kinda

This is a cool invention! Do you love campfires? Rethinking The Radiator design will remind you of it. This concept radiator is going to help reduce your room temperature at about 2-degree which in the end could save a ton of CO2 per year and this could also mean cut cost by 40%. Will this(…)

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