Mattel Game’s Scrabble has been an entertainment factor for many families and children during their youth throughout the whole world. Of course now you can download the game online, or use word generators to cheat, but playing a good old game of Scrabble using the original board platform gives a feeling of nostalgia.

Celebrating its 70 years on earth, this iconic board game decided to launch a special magnetic ‘Space Edition’ that will be sent to space stations around the world.

For a long time psychologists have come up with different ways to encourage little habits to keep astronauts sane while on the job and scrabble is an amazing way to do so. It’s fundamental for their peace of minds.

To properly use it, the Scrabble game comes with velcro on its backside, as well as on the tiles. “The beauty of a spaceship is that if you lose a piece you only have to wait until it turns up in the filter,” pointed out by Chris Hadfield in An Astronaut’s Guide to Life.

Unlike the other editions, this one has been thoroughly designed with magnetized tiles to match the metallic board. This limited edition Scrabble board went on display on October 28th in London. It’ll be in an exhibit on November 10th at Forum Des Halles in Paris. After these it will then be sent to a bunch of international space stations worldwide.

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