Photographer Irene Rudnyk found a retouching service offered online at cheap prices on a website called Fiverr. So she decided to make a little experiment to see how her images would look edited given the extra low cost.

So she decided to hire three retouchers for $0.25, $5.00 and one for $10.00. She sent them a RAW image that you can see above of a lady that is dressed in a red blouse with black overalls and she is standing underneath a tree. The instructions that she included said to make the image more vibrant and warm. She requested to have the subject have clear skin, brightly lit eyes, and more intensive red hair to match the background behind her.

As you can tell through the above image… the results were extremely interesting. The result from the cheapest retouching job was a seriously botched photo. The models features appeared to be a lot bigger and her red hair matched her fresh and vibrant red lipstick.

The $5.oo retouched image turned her eyes into a bold blue. Fortunately, this edited version turned out to be the best.

After this experience Rudynk said she definitely wouldn’t recommend this service to any photographer of quality and added that $10 for an edited image is not worth the disappointing result.

As someone who went to school for professional photography I personally enjoy editing my own images using Photoshop, I would not want to leave the image editing up to someone else if I wanted it done a specific way. Although, there are some online softwares you can use for your pc and some are even free! The best one I used to use is Pixlr because there was no downloading involved and it has a very user friendly interface.

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