You have seen and heard of large duffle bags, military duffle bags, duffle bags with wheels, women’s, mens, girls and boys duffle bags, nike duffle bags and duffle bags from Target or from Amazon wither for middle school, high school, college or just school in general. But you have never ever seen a  Leather Duffle 6-in-1 backpack ticks.  The  Leather Duffle is a modular backpack that allows you to swap, switch, merge, and separate components to create the storage solution you need from one day to the next. The Duffel is truly modular and comes in three main designs. The Pro stores essentials, providing a practical travel solution. The full size backpack has a 15 litre capacity, giving you enough storage for a day or two. You can be an average Joe or Mark Zuckerberg. The further bolstered up Duffel gives you even more storage, making it perfect for travel. The magic is when these three units join to form more integrated storage solution. Based on your needs, you can zip any of the two bags together to make one super-bag that takes care of all your needs! 


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