Imagine flying across the surface of the water on your own personal hydrofoil watercraft, with the wind in your hair and the sun on your face. This is actually possible with the Marlin electric hydrofoil, thought up by Charles Bombardier and designed by Niklas Wejedal. Inspired by the Mach2 Foiling Moth and based on its hull, it is to be the first electric hydrofoil for the company.

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The new Marlin hydrofoil

Hydrofoil boats have been around for many years, and range in size from huge yachts to 2-person crafts. Hydrofoil crafts are an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors, and electric hydrofoil crafts can take the experience of sightseeing to a whole new level. Because they create very little waves and have no loud engine noise, they are easy to relax in and are super quiet. This means you can travel and see the sights without creating too much disturbance for the local wildlife. One perfect example of a quiet electric hydrofoil is the Quadrofoil that we’ve previously reviewed.

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Build like a JetSki, flies like a hydrofoil

The Marlin would be less of a sailing craft and more like a Jet Ski, designed for 1 person to travel at top speeds. Unlike a Kawasaki Jet Ski, however, it would have the traditional hydrofoil shape that allows it to travel almost above the water, giving the impression that you are flying just over the surface.

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Made for speed and quiet power

It is also equipped with Brice Thouret’s Bio-Mechanic propulsion system. This allows the tail of the Marlin to oscillate back and forth (like the fish) using a 15kW electric motor. Further reducing the impact on the environment, it is equipped with an ion-lithium battery that can be recharged while the Marlin sits at the dock via wind and sun energy. There’s also an onboard charge adapter in case you need to recharge quickly with an AC cord.

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Shaped like the fish!

Part of the biggest thrill of riding a hydrofoil is how it barely skim over the water, like the Flying Phantom and its magical hovering ride above the water. This is possible due to angled foils that catch the wind and lift the craft when it gains speed. With the Marlin, you’ll feel as if you’re flying!


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