What if you could harness the gentle, cleansing feel of a rainstorm or a waterfall, and turn it into your in-home shower? Well, it’s now possible with the new shower design by Naser Nasiri and Taher Nasiri called Rain Soft Shower.

Like showering in the rain when it's sunny!

Like showering in the rain when it’s sunny!

Showers are meant to offer cleanliness and relaxation, and many people see them as a sort of personal spa. That’s why specialty showers, like the Alfi LED5008 LED shower from Bellacor or the Kohler DTV Linear custom shower from Build, are completely worth the money for most people. The Rain Shower has an open-air, vertical design that can be placed in the center of a room for full visual effect. You can also change its outer color depending on your preference.

Change colors to suit your likes

Change colors to suit your likes

Using an adjustable density control, you can choose your water style and pressure as with an adjustable shower head from Lowe’s or Home Depot. This means you can choose to experience a gentle rain shower or a power waterfall, depending on your feeling at the moment.

Adjust the water

Adjust the water

And the relaxing experience doesn’t end there! After your shower, use the integrated hot air blowers to dry off effortlessly, as with the Tornado Body Dryer. Between these different shower features, you can truly experience the elements while still indoors!


When you're done showering, use the body dryer!

When you’re done showering, use the body dryer!

Currently in the design stage, we hope to see showers like this flooding into the market soon!


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