While it looks like a giant hunk of hard quartz, this new chair is actually a comfortable resting place! Using the mathematical algorithm of quartz’s crystalline structure, Ctrlzak and Davide Barzaghi have created the Quartz chair for your amazement (and comfort).

A chair made or rocks - soft ones!

A chair made or rocks – soft ones!

Comfy rock-themed chairs are a fund way to lounge around or entertain guests. Rock chairs like the Stone Foam Stool are perfect for adults or kids. Like a themed chair from Amazon or custom-themed furniture from Tom Spina Designs, having a chair with flair is a lot of fun and one-of-a-kind!

Arrange the chair to your liking

Arrange the chair to your liking

The Qartz chair is comprised of a beech wood frame and geometric cushions that you can remove and place in whichever way is most comfortable for you! The cushions are made from ecological fabrics, each a unique shape and dyed slightly different colors. This gives the chair a truly unique look, making it as special as a crystal!

Beach wood and ecological fabric

Beach wood and ecological fabric

The chairs are produced by the Italian company D3CO. You can download the product sheet here! If you would like to see more of Crtlzak’s projects, visit their site.


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