A lot of us ride bicycles, and those who do know the importance of having some serious mudguards on your tires. Particularly if you live in a rainy area and especially if you ride to and from work, mudguards keep at least some of the elements off of you. Knowing the importance of these accessories and deciding that there weren’t enough quality choices out there, a pair of young designers at Cam Cycles have designed quality wooden handmade mudguards that are lightweight and sturdy, not to mention stylish.

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Cam Cycles' handcrafted mudflaps

Cam Cycles’ handcrafted mudguards

Bicycle mudguards are a fairly common bike accessory that you can find on Amazon or at Wal-Mart. However, not all mudguards are of a high quality, which is important since they take a lot of wear and tear. So, the folks at Cam Cycles have decided to make their mudguards of high-quality materials for a long-lasting ride.

Made of high-quality materials

Made of high-quality materials

Cam’s mudguards are made from aircraft-grade plywood, such as the kind you’d get from an aircraft supplier like Wicks Aircraft or Aircraft Spruce. This wood is incredibly durable but also perfectly lightweight for easy formability. Despite its initial flexibility, is a long-lasting and durable wood.

To seal the wood from the elements, they use marine-grade lacquer, like Old Masters Spar-Marine varnish from The Paint Store, which is used to seal boats. This makes the mudguards perfectly rainproof, again ensuring they will last quite some time.

Locally sourced and specially crafted

Locally sourced and specially crafted

With locally-sourced materials, right down to the handmade leather touches on each flap that are created by a seasoned leather supplier, these mudguards are a testament to how beautiful a handcrafted and locally made product can be. Check out Cam Cycles’ Kickstarter campaign page to preorder your mudguards today, and see how these wonderful accessories are made!


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