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Innovative Touch-Sensitive Grill

 The process of preparing meat dishes is a great deal easier and more intuitive with the Electrolux Smart Grill concept. This is an independent element that offers many of the benefits of pan frying and some of those of barbecuing. These gorgeous, smooth and glossy obsidian material to form the slightly rounded surface of the(…)

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Dissolving Shower Gel Tablets

Gosh shower gel tablets give you a whole new experience when showering. The gosh shower tablets dissolve little by little while your down them.The first layer dissolves and exfoliates the skin and the second layers dissolves and cleanses it. Gosh shower gel also helps eliminate the use use of PET plastics. Plastic is essentiality a porous material, which(…)

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A Cardboard Car

Cardboard seems to be the material of choice for most eco-conscious designers who want to create the next big product that the world admires. The “carDboard” concept vehicle is a militantly minimal coupe with no door, no dashboard, no hard roof, & it only comes in one color cardboard brown. The e eco credentials of(…)

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Watch With Obscured Hands

The Hoop is a minimalist watch with a dial that sports partially obscured hands. A circle marks the hour and the minute’s hand is a simple design. Crafted mainly from white rubber, the watch is as stark as it gets. Personally I prefer the dash of colors used in the hands rather than the black(…)

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Race In Place

Okay you must be wondering what the heck this is. Don’t worry i was the same way.  Its actually a really cool innovate rocking toy, not at all the traditional chair we grew up. Rocking Morevive Dark Horse look more like a race car drivers car, full of sleek lines and made out of carbon(…)

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Keep Your Desk Organized

Omg! I have having such a messy clutter desk; I have to have my things organized and easy to reach. But for some reason everything becomes disorganized again. If you can relate we both know that their something that must be done about it. Here is the perfect desk accessorial that promises to make our work(…)

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Catch Fish Easier and Faster

Any successful fisherman knows that light is key in making a catch. That’s why so many lures are pretty and glittery, but in deep water they’re really no use as the light only penetrates just below the surface. Problem solved! The Solar Rapala lure harnessed the sun’s energy to power its shimmering LED light, making(…)

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Very Unique Lamp

Ugol lamp is a simplistic desktop lighting solution with a very creative way of staying upright. Ugol is the Russian word for ‘corner’ this innovative piece is composed of a simple, wooden tubular arm protruding from a rectangular handle.Embedded on the underside of the pole are a strip of LED lights. The simple, wooden pole-like(…)

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Customize The Color Of Your Cloth

I love to sew and to mend my own clothes, if you do too then the Line Printer is meant for you. This small device allows the color of sewing-machine thread to be customized to the color of the cloth being worked upon. You may not have the exact color and re-threading the machine is always a hassle;(…)

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Braille Electric Plug Tags

For the visually impaired, it’s pretty frustrating when they have to deal with so many plugs for so many electric devices. Braille Electric Plug Tags have been designed to solve this issue especially when our collections of electrical devices are usually growing which results in using more plugs. It would be very easy to identify(…)

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Tridimensional Table !

A table that is very unique and appealing to the eye, the design is based around the use of a minimal amount of material and simplified construction process. The sides almost look like the tabletop is resting on very little. It’s the mother of all welded table designs, its tridimensional shape of the legs is(…)

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A Parallel Interactive Projector

Nowadays, we depend too much on our Smartphones, for our work or personal lives. Yeah it’s great to stay in touch with the people you love, but at what cost? Think about it we spend so much time using our devices while the time spent with our relatives in real life is reduced. Not only(…)

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Grand Prix Engine-Inspired Espresso Machine

Espresso machines are commonly designed to look all the same or have certain look to them. The Grand Prix engine-inspired espresso makers bring an extreme edge to an otherwise dull platform of coffee making. The machine looks like an engine from a Grand Prix from of the nineties. The materials used are alloys such as(…)

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Perfect Infant Tub

Inspired by the sea and a yacht, a design that brings new functionalities which had been forgotten. It makes bath time much more easier and at the same time, it brings a new sophisticated look to your bathroom new. This project tries to answer the challenge of designing a bathtub that suits different ages, safe(…)

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Jet Fighter

FH-01X Jet looks like it could me a modern superstar destroyer, this beautiful and sexy jet fighter that mixes human-alien forms and technologies. It’s a compact concept of a multi-role fighter aircraft equipped with hybrid technology. The main focus of this project is in the design not technicality, so if you are an engineer, you(…)

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