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Canon AE-D Camera

This designer is gonna make it big due to his cool invention, the Canon Mirrorless concept. He was really inspired by the classic AE and AE-P and working out his fantasy. The designer has come up with the Canon AE-D. The changes made for this camera have a logical and rational reason behind every single(…)

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Cool Modern Lamp

This lamp is a super cool invention because it is free of any joints. The Pureness lamp looks like sculptural decor at first glance, but turn it on and it’s almost invisible and flexible LEDs will provide an unexpected glow to light up any room. I really love this awesome product because it is difficult(…)

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Everyone has a rake, or at least knows what it is. The rake is a very helpful tool for cleaning up your lawn or garden, but it can also be quite cumbersome when you’re storing or moving it. The simply named Rake concept offers a solid solution that makes this tool easier to manage. An(…)

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Whistle Face Mask

Whistle Mask has been designed specifically for traffic police officers. Traffic police used to breathe in too much polluted air while directing the traffic. As the time passing by, it might cause some occupational disease of respiratory. Whistle Mask not only filter the polluted air, the electrical whistle also helps to solve the issue that(…)

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Helios Lamp

The emotional design of Helios floor lamp provides a modern and artistic look during day time. The elegant lines of this lamp send a soft wave of energy to people around it. It illuminates the room with intrigues and fascinates positive energy. The name Helios came from a Greek god of the Sun where he(…)

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CUI Birdhouse

This is a cool invention! The Cui birdhouse rejects traditional forms, blending the unorthodox materials of glass and rope to create an eye-catching and functional sanctuary. Each piece is blown by glass experts at New York’s Corning Museum of Glass and assembled by hand individually. I think that this is actually a pretty cool product(…)

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Flake Car

Flake futuristic concept car was born out of an idea to design a futuristic car that is almost alive. It can lean into the corner and behave like a life creature unlike our traditional cars that usually have boxed body design on wheels. An automotive designer has designed a stylish car which features emotional and(…)

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Now this is a really cool invention! The Sanya Skypump helps in consuming clean, renewable energy created directly on-site. Urban Green Energy’s well-designed 4 kW turbine is used. Sanya Skypump offers an excellent addition to the ever-growing infrastructure required to support the electric vehicles flowing in the market. Sanya Skypump has an advanced casing and(…)

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Candlestick Phone

The designer here re-lives the experience of using a classic phone through his creation of cordless candlestick phone. He utilizes 21st century technology inside this 1920’s classic phone, a 2.4ghz wireless transceiver to create wonderful and functional piece. I love this awesome product for two reasons. One being I love seeing innovative designs for cordless(…)

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This is such a cool product design. For fresh food lovers out there like myself this is the cool invention you will want to have. We always love the idea of growing our own food, just like Skyfarm concept here. We are consuming too much energy and materials than the nature can provide, this kind(…)

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Have you ever dreamed of flying. I know I have and I think it would be so cool if it was possible. Subwing might not actually bring that dream come true, but you can feel the flying sensation with this water sport product. The designer thought of this during his sail trip in the Mediterranean(…)

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3to1 Sports Equipment!

This is such a cool product design. 3to1 sports equipment was designed when this industrial designer wanted to offer a solution for all sports enthusiasts regardless their location or financial situation. I love this awesome product. Most people who have practiced sports are usually addicted to one or more sports activities because they like it(…)

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Wine Clothing Rack

This cool product design puts old wine bottles to use. They can now be used as hooks for you to hang your jacket or coat on. Honestly I have never seen anything like this product design and I think that it is and awesome invention. There is nothing better than being able to recycle old(…)

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Sennheiser Eco-Vinyl Turntable is a design proposal for Sennheiser which is a private German audio company. The company produces a wide range of high fidelity products, unfortunately marketing is not their strongest point at this moment, since not many young people have heard of this brand. However, the company claims that they are focusing to(…)

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Electric Bike… well really unicycle

Dyke electric powered bike design was inspired by Dyson Air Multiplier. This bike works on that principle. The air flows through the bronze hollow cylinder creating an air entrainment where is pulled to amplify to 1,000,000 times to force the bike toward stability and speed. This is cool product design that I just love. It(…)

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