Akopo Radiator

I would appreciate this more if I lived in a colder climate but I still want it! The Akopo is a new kind of radiator system made from PVC, refractory stone and ceramic. I say “new kind” because the main body not only radiates heat like a traditional unit, but also warms up detachable modules(…)

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The Capshell

Here’s a product that regulates and records the time and amount of your medication intake. It’s a cute little thing, yes? It’s got a capsule with pills (or shall I say Capshell, the name of the concept), that you load into the holder. The holder then dispenses the pills with an easy turn. Simple enough?(…)

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The Rehydr8 is cool invention and eco-friendly water filter and chiller system that was designed to discourage the consumption of disposable water bottles and promote filtered tap water. The chiller uses the innovative technology of thermoacoustic refrigeration, using sound waves to create pressure and environmentally friendly gases to create a cool surrounding temperature. And YES(…)

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Mount Fuji Now Purifies

If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan and see the majestic mount Fuji, then you understand why designers are inspired by it. It’s perpetually surrounded by mist. This cool invention, known as the  Fujisan Humidifer, is an homage to mountain – purifies the air and puts moisture back into it. Beautiful, honest design.  

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Aria Alert System

So you’re hearing impaired. And the telephone rings. But you aren’t looking at the phone, so you can’t see that little light flashing on it.* Or you’re looking for a new solution for waking up in the morning. Or the doorbell rings. What ever do you do? You come over here and check this right(…)

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Revolutionary Incubator

Baby NEST I-plus, a full feature incubator, provides the ideal environment for neonatal/premature infants. Baby NEST I-plus is an enclosed neonatal intensive care microenvironment developed to meet the needs of both clinicians and patients. Several unique features provide a superior developmentally appropriate environment for the patient, while simplifying procedures for the clinician. With pioneering new(…)

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  1. arezki rachid: hi we are an algerien company who are specialized in medical equipment especially infant incubators; we are interrested to be…

  2. A.S.Tanwar: From where we can buy it ?

    • Fuad Ali: from where we can buy it ?

First Aid 2.0

May be there are many people imagine will be like what the futuristic medical kit? Maybe this First Aid 2.0 is one of many answers. This First Aid 2.0 is completed with ergonomic mid kit layout plus LED lighting that runs on the body line. The front surface displays the red cross symbol which is(…)

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The Beat Of Running

If you’re an athlete at heart and feel free whenever you run around, then chances are quite good that you would have a portable media player of sorts to keep you company. After all, having a rhythm to the entire run is essential if  you’re racing against (your) time, and there is nothing quite like(…)

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Slyde Watch Introduces Future To Present

The design of this futuristic digital screen watch is designed for HD3. This innovative digital screen wristwatch, known as Slyde,  is completed with touch screen interface and smart phone capability. You just need to slide when you wish to get other function. You can slide the watch screen in simple way for getting entire information from(…)

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Not-So-Typical Purifier

This isn’t your typical Brita or PUR water filter, this is an innovative reverse osmosis purifier, but it actually looks like a piece of art, not an appliance. The design is minimal and meant to be slightly organic – fluid like water. I LOVE the little spout. Hot, cold or room temperature – serve it(…)

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Mobility Made Easy with Sport Bike

The WISB handbike is a result of the combined advantages of adaptive bikes and recumbent bikes that expands the limits of users with restricted or no leg-function. One part agile wheelchair and one part sport bike, the WISB gives users the option to toggle between “high mode” for indoor use and comfortable city driving, or(…)

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G-Navi System for Visually Impaired

Assistive Technology is one of my concentrations back in school, that’s why I’m always drawn into this type of product. It’s designing for our ‘neglected’ community where critical needs are presented. The G-Navi is an interactive guide dog system that aims to break boundaries and improve the independence and mobility of the visually impaired. It(…)

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Sliding Wheelchair

Many fancy designs for today and now we’re switching to a more practical one. It’s a combination of typical wheelchair and (tub) transfer bench, Sliding Wheelchair is ideal for patients under special care and/or people with physical disabilities. It features an adjustable and slide-able seat pad that brings convenience to the chore of transfer between(…)

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The Snail

The Snail that reads Braille out loud by just simply roll it over the (book) surface! The product is intended to improve the reading speed of the visually impaired. It can also record the text as it reads for future playback and it even syncs with a Bluetooth headset so the individual can listen to(…)

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Food Allergen Detector

When a person suffers from food aversion, every meal could potentially be detrimental. Foods such as milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, soy, tree nuts account for nearly 90% of allergic reactions. The Food Allergen Detector, as the name suggests, helps analyzing and exposing and all vital ingredient present in the dish and displays on to the(…)

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