Relaxation Bath Design Using High Tech Inside

Bath relaxation is an active concept of rehabilitation with bath features a variable volume of water to provide a pleasant form of relaxation while bathing. This concept has been designed to smoothly and constantly changing shape as the wearer’s body shape and movement. In this bath, users can experience a unique feeling of bathing in(…)

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A Missing Limb’s Best Friend

I always cringed at the thought of a limb sitting on ice in a picnic cooler en route to the ER. Now here’s an idea that would put me a little more at ease if that ever happens. The Emergency Transporter Unit or ETU was designed for safe, sterile transportation of body parts from accident(…)

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Stiegelmeyer’s Vertica bed helps patients find their feet again

Getting convalescents on their feet helps speed up the recovery process. But many patients are unable to stand up without help or find it frustratingly difficult to swing out of bed.

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