Cool Invention

Funky Iron

It’s not convenient at all to carry around an iron, especially, if you are always on the go. However, that doesn’t stop your clothes from creasing. Well, you can stop worrying about that with the iron that takes inspiration from a hair-straightener. The iron, is perfect for those who are always on the go. The(…)

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Headphone Concept

There’s nothing more annoying then getting your ear buds or headphones tangled up and knotted. This new concept is a set of headphones and doubles as a speaker as well. Using the film speaker technology, the headphones are converted into a speaker with a simple twist. So if you are tired and bored of listening to(…)

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  1. danish: are these for sale because i really want them. i love those headphones a lot please if anyone could tell…

Cloud Couch Concept

Sometimes you have a bad day at work, so bad that you want to quit and you wish to float in the sky away from these problems and relax. Koo Touch has come up with a concept that you will start marking your calendar for from now on. It is called the Cloud. It is(…)

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Personal Cooling System

If you’ve ever visited or lived in Florida im sure you’ll appreciate this next invention. This Active Cooling System will make sure you stay cool, on the move. The system in short reduces the human body temperature to make the temperature of the environment a bit more bearable. Besides just being a cooling agent to(…)

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GPS Shoes

The GPS shoe is claimed to take you home from anywhere in the world. Just enter your home address and the GPS located in the shoe’s heel will guide you home through LED lights placed on it. A circle of LEDs on the left shoe indicates the direction and a line of LEDs on the(…)

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This stunning new invention is known as the Cannondale CERV bike, and is a radical chainless, forkless design that features a dynamically adjustable headset that moves both fore/aft & up/down, putting the rider in an optimal position based on terrain. The headset translates forward & down for a clean, low-drag position when descending. When climbing,(…)

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Social Media Bracelet

At first I thought the same thing when I read this, is this really as creepy as it sounds?Cambridge-based startup company has developed the Amico Bracelet that accesses you social networking profiles, analyzes and keeps transmitting it to people up to 50 feet from you. This bracelet helps you find people similar to you at(…)

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  1. fabrizio filippini: Thank you for the review...we are working to make the coolest experience for the user and we know our challenges.…

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 is here and on the market. It features gorgeous longer body, thinner and lighter compared to iPhone 4s, so you can say that this by far is the thinnest, lightest, and fastest iPhone yet. Containing a retina display that boasts 1136×640 pixels of resolution allows you see everything in more vivid and lifelike,(…)

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Sony Phone Concept

What we have today is the Sony Xperia X Concept. It is a high-end phone inspired by the first generation S tablet. The curved shape at the top and supporting internal curves on the sides offer better grip. The back has a flipstand that opens and supports the phone, especially when you need to navigate(…)

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Cruelty Free Hunting Trophy

Like the look of an animal head on your wall, but hate the hunting part of it? This is a clever, cruelty-free cardboard trophy deer head with the perfect touch of kitsch for the home or office! It’s a fun piece of decor during the day, but nighttime is when it really shines. A light(…)

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  1. Lorra Thomas: Where can I buy this?

  2. Holly Gustafson: I found this lit cardboard deer on your website but am not sure where I could purchase. Any ideas?

Table Swing

This latest design, the Swing Table, puts a little extra fun into dinner time or collaborative meetings by using an unusual structure with suspended chairs that swing and sway. Chairs that can be adjusted to the seated person’s liking, making the design as functional as it is playful. Coffee table Porch swing Swing

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Today it seems like wheelchair designs are developing. Brought to you is the specially designed wheelchair seat for the Paralympics and now the designer has a futuristic wheelchair that displays the cool factor. Taking inspiration from the Audi R8, the wheelchair’s most eye-catching feature is its wheels. With no spokes, the wheel is attached to an arm that(…)

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  1. Ashley Nicole: Hello i just was much is this chair??

Rounded Knife

I am really excited about this next invention. It’s a rounded knife that’s great for chopping herbs and vegetables. Because of its bulk size and sharp blades, the knife disassembles and can be safely stowed in a drawer. Plus you keep your hands away from the blade while chopping, just watch out for when you wash it!(…)

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Electric Car

With environmentally friendly cars becoming more and more popular, it makes sense that this car was invented. The main goal of the μcar is maximizing adaptability for different urban scenarios and individuals, while improving the feasibility of existing electric power train technologies. This double goal translates into an exposed vehicle architecture that is both modular and(…)

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Musical Swings

If you listen closely, the world makes music just about everywhere. Drawing inspiration from the different and unique sounds, this amazing installation makes use of 21 musical swings, each of them playing a different note. Some of the swings create sound only with the cooperation of the others, and is more than just a street-side(…)

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