Bar Built Inside Submarine

To mark its 250th anniversary,  Guinness has designed the ”Guinness Dead Sea Bar,” a $125,000 bar to be constructed inside of a submarine. The inspiration for the design is intended to echo the brand’s slogan, “Alive Inside”. The porthole windows give the bar the submarine-feel while the interior architecture is very modern. The tables and seating blend with the(…)

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Folding Lifeboat

Preventing loss of a life during natural disasters is of the utmost priority. Access to life saving tools in these situations is often the most difficult problem to overcome. The FoldingBoat would provide easy to store and carry life saving boats in the event of a flood. Homes in high-risk flood areas could store this compact(…)

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Floating Caravan

The Nautic Sleeper Floating Caravan is the ultimate accessory for enjoying the water. It tows easily behind most vehicles, and can carry additional water accessories like canoes or kayaks on it’s top. The concept features a perfect interior for housing two people, and includes stowing compartments that can be converted to a standing platform over the(…)

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Comfortable Rescue Seat

In the unimaginable event of a tragedy at sea, rescue efforts can be victims’ only hope. Current flotation devices available often consist of a round, ring float, which requires the victim to manually hold, or keep in contact with it in order to stay afloat. During extended rescue attempt periods the exertion of this effort can(…)

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Super Super-Yacht

Impeccably designed yachts and high performance cars have always been breathtaking individually. The ingenious new Strand-Craft 122 combines these two luxuries into one amazing super-yacht. The yacht’s and matching car’s sleek, sexy design is matched by their high-performance, with top speeds reaching 55 knots and 208 mph respectively. Only six super-yachts are set to be(…)

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Sleek Carbon Fiber Boat

Appealing is an understatement when it comes to this new invention. I don’t know if it is its teak deck, fender style seats, or the beautiful carbon fiber details that makes the boat so sleek and different. Featuring a 175HP engine, the 6 person watercraft is just as luxurious on the outside than the inside.(…)

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Comfort Kayak

Kayaks aren’t exactly made with comfort in mind. They’re made for stability and functionality, and to slice through water at higher speeds. This kayak was introduced into the world, and the purpose was to make the water vessel a little bit easier to handle. The new version comes with a back rest and extra storage!(…)

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Extreme Watercraft

Making man and watercraft one, this next invention is a wave racing machine. Sleek and eye catchingly stunning, this is sure to make anyone want it. You can cruise across the open waters, or race the waves with its body motion steering, you’re sure to fall in love with this beauty as soon as you(…)

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Small Lightweight Boat

This innovative portable boat weights only 120 pounds. This cool invention is utilizing the most advanced technology, it’s pretty amazing this small sized boat features a very low weight, you can easily load it on roof-bars equipped vehicles or campers. It is developed using high resistance materials and manufactured using sandwich layers vacuum technology which is traditionally used for(…)

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  1. rony younes: please i need more info about the boat. the price and the different model and the way to of shipping…

    • mlemon: I have done a basic search on google and found a couple of different websites, none of which include prices,…

  2. rony younes: i want to know more abt the boat and if it's available for shipping and if it can be used…

WW50 Motorboat for Water Sports

This is a very cool invention that water sports lovers are really going to appreciate. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a boat specifically designed for water sports. Wake-boarding, water skis, and tubing are all so much fun to do. However, if you do not have the right boat, with the right horse power, it is totally pointless to even try any(…)

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PlanetSolar Solar Boat

You may have heard of this cool invention a while back, but this is no concept at all. PlanetSolar is the world’s first real totally solar powered boat. This boat began cruising around the world on September 27th 2010. 585 days later the boat completed its journey of visiting 28 countries, 3 oceans, and 11 seas. Pretty impressive if(…)

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Limited Edition Z-Boat

One of my favorite things to do in Sarasota is to gather up all my friends and hangout on my boat during the weekend. When youre cruising around on the water, you get the opportunity to check out all the boats around you. Some are huge, some looks fast, some are tiny, some are loaded down with(…)

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Aurelia 780 Boat

I know a good product design when I see one. The Aurelia 780 is a boat that I would love to see out on the water here in Sarasota for a couple of reasons. For starters it’s 250hp outboard motor allows you to zip around at 80km an hour. Much faster than any boat I’ve owned yet.(…)

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Photovoltaic Yacht

A yacht that uses photovoltaic energy? Come on! Just when you think they thought of everything, then something like this comes along. I will admit is a really interesting product design though. ALTAIR is an innovative design yacht concept that uses a 5KW photovoltaic  system along with two large wing to increase exposure. When the(…)

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Hydrofoil Race Boat Can Go 90mph

I’ve been staring at the pictures for far too long now. Sometimes I see an old WWI plane. Other times, I’m sure it’s a vintage dragster. Either way, the wFoil 18 Albatross is a gorgeous racer that literally flies on water, using hydrofoils to fly through water just like a plane uses wings to generate(…)

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