With all of the smart devices that we humans carry around, why not share some of the technology with our furry friends? By creating a “smart” environment for your pet, designer Subinay Malhotra hopes to aid in the monitoring and caring for animals with the PetMonster house. A colorful little living space for your small animals, it keeps you and your furry friend connected.

A new house for your pet

A new house for your pet

Pet houses are great for indoor out outdoor pets, like the Plush Cabin pet house for indoors from Personal Creations or the Suncast deluxe dog house for outdoors from Wal-Mart. PetMonster is a line of houses that can fit your indoor or outdoor pet needs, as well as different pet sizes.

pet tech

A durable construction of PC plastic keeps PetMonster from receiving damage from weather or small pets, much like the Precision Outback house from Hayneedle. Not only made to last, it is also made smart: by integrating sensors into the walls, you can keep track of your pets actions and feelings via your smartphone app.

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Hoping to keep pet owners and their pet pals connected, the PetMonster aims to bring the two closer together – as well as look spiffy with its modern shape and bright, lively colors!

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Still in the design stage, you can see it here to learn more. Also, check out the designer’s other works that feature the same trend of crazy shapes and colors!


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